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    Decora - fondant sugar - 500g

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    This sugar is ideal for various processes such as traditional white glazes, cream meringues, eclairs, sweets and donuts.

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    To prepare a traditional glaze, add 60 g of hot water to 500 g of dark sugar and mix well. To obtain a flavored glaze, water can be replaced by 75 g of coffee or infusion, which gives you a creamy base with an intense taste. Or add a concentrated paste. For fruit glaze, replace 100 g of marrow with water or use fruit puree, which you mix with strawberries, raspberries and berries, for example. It can be colored by adding a few drops of decorating coloring gel. The practical packaging for opening and closing freshness will allow you to perfectly preserve the product.

    Ingredients: sugar, dehydrated glucose syrup. May contain traces of milk, nuts, eggs, soy and derivatives.

    Average nutritional data per 100 g of product: energy 1700 Kj - 400 Kcal,

    fat of which acid 0 g, saturated fat 0 g,

    carbohydrates 100 g, of which sugars 100 g,

    fiber 0 g,

    protein 0 g,

    salt 0 g.

    Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight and heat sources. Once opened, the product is kept tightly closed until the stated expiration date.


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    Decora - fondant sugar - 500g

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