Baking pan - bishop's bread

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       Baking tin plated - bishop's bread
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      This baking tin is made of quality, tin-coated sheet. The tin surface has to be protected from mechanical damage,  therefore it sould never come into contact with metal utensils. (Use wooden or plastic utensils instead.) Use food foil when preparing cold meals in the baking tin. Wash the tin with a fine sponge. Never use a pot scourer or scourer cleansing cream and always  make sue to dry the tin properly after use. The product has been approved by the State Health Institute.

      Form a cone shape.
      Size : Base : 28 x 9,5 cm, top : 30 x 11.5 cm

      Recipe: The recipe fruitcake need these ingredients:

      180 g sugar
      70 g brawn sugar
      2 tbs honey
      3 eggs
      1 lemon, zest and juice
      2 tbs rum
      200 g flour
      1 tsp cinnamon
      1/4 tsp gloves
      1/4 tsp nutmeg
      250 g walnuts
      250 g dried plums
      250 g other dried fruit (apricots, dates, sultanas...)
      Preheat oven to 150-160*C (fan forced); prepare 4 small bread tins - line with baking paper.
      Chop all chunky fruits into smaller pieces.
      Beat both sugars and eggs until fluffy; mix in lemon zest and juice, honey and rum. Add all dry ingredients on top, follow with fruits and nuts. Mix really well. Divide into prepared tins and bake for 50 minutes. Take out on a wire rack, cool slightly then sprinkle with icing sugar. Cut into thin slices and enjoy! Source :


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      Baking pan - bishop's bread

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