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      Wilton Decorating Tip 789 Cake Icer

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      Wilton Decorating Tip #789 Cake Icer

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      Metal decorating tip from f.Wilton . The tip for the coating of cream cake .
      Place the coated cake on a turntable .
      Take a decorating bag big enough to fit the tip number 789 (at least 40 cm ) . Fill the bag halfway with cream. Hold the bag at an angle of 45 ° and gently push the tip against the cake. Extrude a ribbon of cream continuous spiral motion while rotating the turntable to cover the top of the cake and compel the last ribbon to cover the top edge of the cake.

      To coat the sides squeezing the cream in a slow rotation cake. Repeat the process until the entire side of the cake covered.
      A little cake , turn and repeat the process , starting from a new point on the rim until you have covered the entire surface of the cake. Smoothed center of the cake lifting cream roztíracího knife edge . For ease of smoothing can help soak roztíracího knife into hot water , wiped dry and glide over the surface . Set the cake aside and allow the cream to a little parched after at least 15 minutes before decorating . At this point, you can also ask a non-stick parchment paper nakrémovaný on top of the cake and gently stroking palm of your hand .

      This product is not dishwasher safe.

      Decorating tip can be used for decorating large bags . This tip can be used in combination with the adapter.

      Size : 4.5 cm


      Wilton Decorating Tip 789 Cake Icer

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