FrescaFrutta gelee - gelatine spray - 800g

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      FrescaFrutta gelee - gelatine spray - 800g - refill

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      What’s a quick, easy way to make your desserts look shiny and new all day long?

      The answer is Frescafrutta Gelèe, the first gelatin with an adjustable spray, which covers fruit and desserts easily, without wasting any of the product. Thanks to the new spray system it is possible to use the exact quantity of gelatin needed and make your desserts beautiful and shiny.

      The product is really easy to use – just unscrew the lid from the bottle and attach the spray instead. The gelatin is ready to use and you can spray it straight onto the dessert or fruit, therefore preventing it from going brown. Thanks to the new recipe Fruttafresca Gelée keeps fruit looking as fresh and shiny as when it was first cut, meaning that the specialties in your pastry shop will always look good in their display cases.

      Fabbri’s gelatin is gluten free to meet the needs of all your customers with a gluten intolerance.

      The product is also available in refill format.


      The packaging has the following advantages:

      A saving of 45% of the gelatin, compared to using a brush
      Rapid preparation
      Simple and practical to use
      Adjustable spout

      The benefits of the product:

      It stops fruit going brown
      It is ready to use
      It is perfect from +5°C to -20°C
      Gluten free


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      FrescaFrutta gelee - gelatine spray - 800g

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