Wilton EU Icing Color Kit 8 x 28gr

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    Wilton EU Icing Color Kit 8 x 28gr

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    Wilton EU Icing Color Kit 8 x 28gr

    Concentrates of gel food colors

    The package contains: 8 colors of 28 g each - Golden Yellow, Leaf Green, Royal Blue, Violet, Red-Red, Ivory, Black ) Pink (pink).

    Package weight 226g.

    The colors are intended for coloring elements of confectionary materials - creams, glazes, gels, doughs, modeling materials - so-called toothpicks. We apply from a small amount until the desired shade is achieved.

    Maximum usable dose:

    Golden yellow: 0.27 g/100 g.

    Purple: 0.14g/100g.

    Royal Blue: 1.02g/100g.

    Red Red: 0.49 g/100 g.

    Pink: 0.76g/100g.

    Leafy greens: 0.12g/100g.

    Ivory: 1.30g/100g.

    Black: 1.63g/100g.

    Ingredients: glucose syrup, humectant (glycerol (E422)), sugar, water, color (E102, E129, E122, E133, E110, E153), starch, acidity regulators (citric acid (E330)), sodium citrates (E331), thickener (agar (E406)), preservative (potassium sorbate (E202)). E102, E110, E122 and E129 may have an adverse effect on the activity and attention of children. May contain milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, celery, mustard, sesame and shellfish. Certified Kosher.

    Contents: 8 glasses of 28 grams each.

    The warning that the territory colors are only valid for decorative purposes is because, due to EU legislation, it is possible to use hygiene certificates for the USA on the EU.

    WILTON colors can be safely used to color food intended for consumption.

    The harmlessness of colors is confirmed by laboratory tests.


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