SK Extra Strength Cocol Kit - Warm Hues

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      SK Extra Strength Cocol Kit - Warm Hues

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      SK Cocol Cocoa Butter Colouring is the ultimate product for adding colour to chocolate and is now available in an extra-strength formula so you don’t need to add as much colour.

      Ideal for adding decorative colour to your chocolate work and for making your own transfer sheets, these colour sets contain five coordinating colours for beautiful chocolates.

      The Warm Hues set contains: Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Gold

      Usage instructions:
      Open the lid and microwave on full power until the contents have melted fully. (Make sure that you do not heat the Cocol to more than 40'C). At regular intervals, remove from microwave, close the lid and shake to ensure even temperature distribution.
      Alternatively, melt the Cocol by placing the bottle in warm water.
      Shake contents and brush or airbrush a thin layer of melted Cocol into a chocolate. Cocol can also be applied directly onto the chocolate surface and mixed into cocoa butžte coatings.
      Use no mor than 5g of Extra Strength Cocol per 500g of chocolate, if mixing Cocol into a coating.
      Složení: Yellow : Cocoa Butte, Colour: E104 Orange : Cocoa Butter: Colours: E104, E124. RED :Cocoa Butter, Colour: E129. PINK : COcoa Butter, Colour: E122. GOLD: Cocoa Butter, Colours: E171, E172
      E104, E122, E124 and E129 may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.
      Allergy advice: May contain traces of nuts and milk.
      Suitable for vegetarians, No gluten - containing ingredients
      store in a cool, dark place. When heating this product, do not exceed 40'C

      Each set contains 5 x 15g pots.

      The colourings are versatile and easy to use, making it simple to transform your hand-crafted chocolates. Simply heat gently in the microwave to melt the colours and shake or stir well before use. The bright colours work best when used with white chocolate, producing a vibrant and eye-catching effect. The white colour is particularly useful for ‘lifting’ the other colours and can also be ‘spattered’ on to chocolates (or into a mould) for a contemporary design feature.



      SK Extra Strength Cocol Kit - Warm Hues

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