Cake fireworks - Color - 4pcs / 12cm

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    Cake fireworks - Color - 4pcs / 12cm

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    Colorful room fountain fireworks II. hazard class, ie. that are for sale from 18 years. Indoor fountains are suitable for cakes.

    Instructions for use: Caution! The function occurs immediately after ignition. Product consolidate in a suitable place, at least 2 m from flammable objects, including the ceiling. Before placing a product in action, caution, face and other body parts must be off the axis of the tube. Fountain light with a match. Failure of a throw after 10 minutes for 24 hours in water and then zklikvidovat as municipal waste. Any other handling is prohibited. Observe caution.

    Length fountains: 12cm


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    Cake fireworks - Color - 4pcs / 12cm

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