Snowflake 2 - set of 3 cookie cutter with stamp

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      Snowflake 2 - set of 3 cookie cutter with stamp

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      The snowflakes Ausstecherset consists of 3 different sizes to Schneeflockenausstecher with ejector and embossing. The cutters are suitable for the production of beautiful snowflakes from flower paste, fondant, modeling and modeling clay. The snowflakes look particularly great in the Christmas season. Ideal for decoration of cakes, pies and cupcakes.

      With the help of the cutter can be simply but effectively make beautiful decorations.
      To use the cookie cutter snowflakes correctly:
      1) Roll your sugar paste (fondant, marzipan, flower paste, modeling paste) from thin. As a base we recommend a silicone mat (sold separately). Grease the base with coconut oil or sprinkle the mat with powdered sugar so that the sugar paste does not stick.
      2) Press the Schneeflockenausstecher in the sugar mass, without pushing the ejector (piston / plunger). Move the Profiausstecher carefully on the pad back and forth.
      3) Place the cookie cutter on your pad or on a Modellierplatte (sold separately). Press the ejector down to produce the embossed snowflake.
      4) Lift the Profiausstecher again high. The excavated Snowflake is located in the cookie cutter. Now you can press the ejector to eject the snowflake.

      Size: 2,5cm, 4cm, 5,5cm,


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      2,5cm, 4cm, 5,5cm,

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      Snowflake 2 - set of 3 cookie cutter with stamp

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