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Printing on edible paper

Printing on edible paper

At the request of many customers, we are introducing a printing service on edible paper from 19.7.2021! We very carefully and for a long time chose technology, quality food colors from a proven and long-standing source, and last but not least, we were able to secure high-quality edible papers and all this from suppliers and manufacturers in the EU!

In addition to the five types of edible paper, which include Fondant sheet with a thickness of 0.55-0.7mm, Decor paper plus with a thickness of 0.5-0.6mm in A4 and a round cut with a diameter of 20cm, DecoRoyal paper 0.4-0.55mm , which replaces palm fat with cocoa oil and is thus an ecological alternative to other edible papers, a very popular Wafer paper, but we offer it in a premium version, which means better properties at a thickness of 0.6 mm and, last but not least, also the possibility of printing chocolate transfer on Choco Sheets foil , the only film with real cocoa butter on the market.

You can upload your image very simply when you order the print, no additional sending by email!

For the more demanding of you who want to bring the picture to perfection, we offer the service "Editing print data" where we will edit the picture for you, cut out part of it, or add the desired text.