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New sales e-shop teplicekdorty.cz

New sales e-shop teplicekdorty.cz

The new e-shop not only has a new look, but also has several advantages that will please our customers. We used our experience in the sale of confectionery supplies and tried to fill the new e-shop with useful functions not only for us, but also for our customers.

It's not just a new look. It is a completely new, more modern and faster system, which is set up so that the pages load as quickly as possible and at the same time offer maximum possibilities. We set up the layout of the appearance and its functions in such a way that everything runs smoothly and at the same time everything remains intuitive and clear. The shopping cart is, as is customary with us, on one side. However, we tried to include only the essentials for easy and quick ordering, both for new and regular customers.

You won't miss any new items in stock on the front page, but there will also be limited-time promotions on products with really deep discounts. Until when the goods can be ordered can be seen for each item, where the time until the end of the event will be deducted. There is also a link to the heureka.cz server, where new customers can conveniently check that we can be trusted and can buy with peace of mind.

In the future, we are planning a lot of news that we will inform you about here, and believe me - there is something to look forward to.