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Optional services to order

Optional services to order

Three optional services are now available in the ordering process. In no case is it necessary to choose one of the services. They are intended only for those customers who will find the content of the given service useful. If you accidentally add a service to your cart, just click on the trash can symbol in the list of items in the order and the service will be removed from the cart.

Priority shipping

Do you bake to order and got a rush order for a cake? Or is there an ingredient missing and the birthday is already this weekend? Don't worry, we have a solution for you too! Just select the Priority Shipping service in your cart and we'll take care of everything. The content of this service and our obligation is, at the moment when it is performed and paid for, to leave everything else and immediately attend to this order and immediately prepare it for sending or for collection. We ask our customers to understand that if they place an order late in the afternoon, we are unable to ship the package for a simple reason. The courier has already picked up the packages and we have no one to hand them over to. They will be sold the next day.

Recycled packaging

We usually use new, unfolded boxes to pack our parcels. However, we can pack the order in already used packaging and thus save at least a little of our nature.

Shipment insurance

We pack our shipments with great care so that nothing breaks or breaks. However, we can also insure the shipment just to be sure. Customers just need to choose this service and we will take care of everything.