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How freight forwarders work

How freight forwarders work

Regardless of whether you order goods from us and choose any carrier, the carrier will always arrive for the packages between 13:00 and 15:00. when they have the so-called pick-up window. At that moment, the shipments are loaded into the vehicle and it drives towards (of course not immediately) the depot. Here, the shipments are sorted according to their destination addresses and put into the next truck, which will already take the package to the customer and the nearest depot in the area. From this depot, it will be delivered directly to the customer's address. This process should take up to two days at best. For each order, as soon as we prepare it and stick it with a shipping label, the customer receives a shipment tracking number. The customer will receive this tracking number via email and click on the link to view more details about the shipment. If there aren't any here yet, it's because the carrier hasn't picked it up yet and it's still with us.

However, unpleasant events may occur that we have no control over, but they still happen.

For example, non-delivery due to capacity reasons is a situation where the package is already in the depot near the customer, but there are so many total shipments that the given shipment simply did not fit into the vehicle and will therefore go at the earliest possible date. We ask customers to understand that even the priority shipping service cannot handle this, as the package is in the hands of the carrier, not ours.

The link for tracking shipments also contains contact information directly for the carrier, which can be used by our customers to find out about possible delays, redirect shipments elsewhere, or edit other details.

However, in order to avoid time constraints and confusion, where the package is delayed due to some unexpected event (e.g. the carrier's broken car, accidents, illnesses, etc.), we recommend that you order your goods well in advance so that you can face such unpleasant things with a cool head .

Thank you for your understanding