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How to enter a discount coupon

How to enter a discount coupon

Our registered customers will receive a bonus from us for each order in the form of a discount coupon. However, it is necessary to enter such a coupon correctly in order for everything to be deducted correctly.

The customer will receive a discount code for the discount by email and this code must be entered in the order. We recommend putting all the goods you need to buy in our online store into the basket. If you have everything you need in your cart, go to checkout and if you haven't signed up yet, you can do it now. Check all the necessary data for the order and at the bottom just above the place where the optional services are, you must click on the bold text "Do you have a discount coupon?" and in the box that appears, copy the code exactly.

discount coupon

If the code was correct, the change will take effect immediately. So the value of the discount coupon is deducted from the order.

Do you still have inconsistencies, do you not understand something? Do not hesitate to contact us.