Silicone mold - mustaches
    • Silicone mold - mustaches
    • Silicone mold - mustaches

    Silicone mold - mustaches

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    Silicone mold - mustaches

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    Silicone mold for producing various shapes mustache, beard length. Suitable for use fondant, marzipan and other modeling materials. You can also use chocolate.
    Use: Before using, we can dump solamylem. From the materials we put that ball into the molds. Mass scrunch up the entire area and forms iron or roller leveled. Carefully cut off the protruding part with a plastic or silicone knife (also part of the offer e-shop - Code 0225, 0839). After completing the turn against mold and mat We take decoration. The finished motif can be further dobarvovat food colors or air brush (everything is also on offer in the section Food colors).
    Size: 1,5 x 0,7cm,   5,1 x 0,3cm,   6 x 0,7cm,   6,2 x 1cm,   6,5 x 2,8cm,   5,7 x 2,8cm


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