Pavoni - stencil 04
    • Pavoni - stencil 04
    • Pavoni - stencil 04

    Pavoni - stencil 04

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    Pavoni - Template for decoration - stencil 04

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    Template - Slencil - soft, flexible, pliable plastic.
    It is used to produce a fine pattern on the surface of the cake, pastries, muffins ..... You can use a dust color glaze, various creams, spray paint, airbrush, royal glaze - Royal Icing.
    The coated cake attach the template. Variety of confectionery or spatula on her Apply a thicker layer of frosting. Then the frosting from the template carefully pull the pallet and carefully take off the template. Sample leave to dry.
    To increase the effect, you can wipe the dried powder or liquid pearlized barvoou.
    Template size: 29 x 12.5 cm
    The pattern size: about 22 x 7 cm