PME Impression Mat  Bark - Wood
    • PME Impression Mat  Bark - Wood

    PME Impression Mat Bark - Wood

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    PME Impression Mat Bark - Wood

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    PME Impression mat - wood

    Structural - impression mat

    This structural mat is ideal for use with a range of edible and non-edible materials eg: fondant, modeling clay, marzipan or craft clays (eg: Fimo, clay), both sides of the mat are usable, one side will have the fondant pattern raised and the other side will be embossed. The impression pad will create a diamond print for you. Decoration suitable for cakes, muffins...


    1. Process the fondant and roll it out so that it has an even strength, sprinkle with powdered sugar or solamyl as needed.

    2. We select the desired side of the mat and place it on the fondant.

    3. Firmly press the mat onto the fondant and roll it over with a roller or press with your hands so that the pattern is pressed everywhere.

    4. We remove the mat and inspect the decoration.

    5. Spray with edible gloss will support the final effect.


    If we use the pad with food material, it should be stored separately from the aids used with non-food material.

    Pad size approx. 15 x 30.5 cm.


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