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    Montana - mixture to milk marzipan - 1kg
    • Montana - mixture to milk marzipan - 1kg
    • Montana - mixture to milk marzipan - 1kg

    Montana - mixture to milk marzipan - 1kg

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    Powder mix for sugar paste  - "milk marzipna"

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    Montana - mixture to milk marzipan - 1kg

    Montana is a loose mixture suitable for the production of milk to coat marzipan and modeling.

    Ready matter is creamy white in color with fine almond taste and has an elastic consistency. In its own modeling sticky even during prolonged storage of finished product does not dry out and crack.
    It is a unique product on the market!
    When processing is very plastic and homogeneous,
    naturally pleasant smell and taste.
    Complete mixture of Montana is very simple and quick preparation, ie. eliminating time consuming weighing of individual ingredients. Montana retains its softness even after the addition of cocoa powder.
    Homogeneous matter is no separate particles in individual commodities that pass strict input control (eliminated are so frequent quality fluctuations powder).
    Suggested recipe:
    1 kg + Montana drinking water from 150 to 170 g + 100% Fat 50 g
    Recommended technological process:
    Montana, softened water and 100% fat combines mixing at medium speed in the bowl whisk machines protínacím hook into material like paste. Then the material stored in a polyethylene container and left to ferment for at least 3 hours. It is recommended to let it rest for up to 24 hours
    Are stored at normal operating temperature, when properly stored, the Montana process in the next 3 weeks.

    Ingredients: powdered milk, sugar, glucose syrup, flavor, color (E171)

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