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    PME Waterbrush

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    This H2O brush is a brilliant addition to your cake decorating tool box! It has so many uses! This medium tip brush will allow you to make fine lines but will also give a broader brush stroke for larger inscriptions or filling with colour.

    You can use them for moistening your cake in order to add details such as glitter flakes or lustre. The brushes can be filled with water and then mixed into paste colour in a Palette Tray to enable you to paint with it - just as you would with a normal paint brush but without the need for additional water. You can also fill the pen with food colouring (we would recommend using a different pen for each colour).

    The pens can also be filled with ink or used with paint for a huge variety of crafty purposes!!!

    Instructions for use:
    1. Unscrew the brush tip from the barrel
    2. Immerse in water (or the colour of your choice) and squeeze the 'push panels'. Release to fill.
    3. Reattach the tip.
    4. You can control how much water or colour goes through by gentle pressure on the sides - more pressure will squeeze more water/colour.


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