Digital thermometer for cooking
    • Digital thermometer for cooking

    Digital thermometer for cooking

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    Digital thermometer for cooking

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    Cooking Thermometer with gauge stainless steel and LCD display. Button to power on / off. With the ability to switch between ° C and ° F. The cover on the measuring section with a red clip and loop for hanging

    Temperature range: - 50 ° C - + 300'C (- 58'F. + 572'F)
    Accuracy: (- 20 DEG - + 80 C) + - 1C
    Supply voltage: DC 1.5V

    energy saving: auto - off after 15 minutes of inactivity
    sensor probe failure
    Switching between "C" and F

    Description of Application:
    ON / OFF - Press to turn on / off the thermometer.
    autoamtické off after 15 min. when idle.
    ("C /" F) causes the temperature display, press to switch between "C" and F
    LLL = open circuit or lower temperature than the range

    HHH = sensor short circuit or higher than the temperature range


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