FunColours paste food colour -  orange - cup 30g
    • FunColours paste food colour -  orange - cup 30g

    FunColours paste food colour - orange - cup 30g

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    FunColours paste food colour -  orange - cup 30g

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    FunColours paste food colour -  orange - cup 30g

    The FunCakes FunColours concentrated food colour paste Black is the perfect colour paste for colouring fondant, marzipan, gum paste, modelling paste and flower paste. You can also use this black colouring to give your creams, such as buttercream and Enchanted Cream® a great colour.

    But that is not everything. Give your batter and cookie dough a lovely colour with this paste food colour from FunCakes. The colour paste is suitable for baking up to 200°C.

    Instructions how to use: use a cocktail stick to take some colour paste from the jar. Use a clean stick every time you add more colouring and wipe it off on your marzipan or fondant. For a deeper colour, simply add more paste. Knead well to colour evenly, knead less for a marble effect. Make sure the colouring paste stays in the middle of the mass to prevent your hands getting covered in colour.

    Easy to rinse of with water and soap from your hands.

    Zutaten: Glukosesirup, Wasser, Zucker, Farbe: E110, Geliermittel: E406, Säure: E330, Konservierungsmittel: E202. E110: Kann Aktivität und Aufmerksamkeit bei Kindern beeinträchtigen. Kann Spuren von Milch, Soja und Sulfit enthalten. Dieses Produkt ist Halal-zertifiziert.

    Maximal verwendbare Dosis: 1,67 g / kg.

    Storage: store in a cool, dry place.

    The package contains the following languages: Dutch, English, German and French.

    Content: 30 gram.


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