FORMIX almonds 1kg - roll fondant
    • FORMIX almonds 1kg - roll fondant

    FORMIX almonds 1kg - roll fondant

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    The coating material FORMIX flavored with almonds - 1 kg

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    FORMIX almonds 1kg - roll fondant

    The use of coating materials FORMIX is fast and efficient.

    Why choose a coating material FORMIX

         greater flexibility
         silky to the touch
         homogeneous surface of the cake

    Effective and quick application

    White color coating materials FORMIX allows to mix a large range of colors. Her almond flavor will satisfy lovers of real marzipan.
    Recommended use confectionary coating materials FORMIX

    Optimal temperature for dealing with this coating material is 22 ° C. Matter before staining knead a few minutes (temperature and really well developed. FORMIX is the key to success) until smooth and elastic material.

    If the matter is still very stiff, you can give her a little while (about 5-10 seconds - the size of the heated mass) in a microwave oven. After coloring to desired shade Allow at least 1 hour to rest.

    Before tug cake matter again thoroughly knead and roll into 2-4 mm thick plate. Matter can sprawl on food film or podsypávat sugar to sticking to the ground.

    What is the coating material FORMIX for?

    The coating material can be coated FORMIX cakes. It is also ideal for the production of various figures, flowers and cake decorations. The compound can be added to the stuffing between each layer corpus.
    In what packaging coating material supplied FORMIX?

    FORMIX coating material is supplied in 1 kg pack


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