Edible paper "Halloween 12" - A4
    • Edible paper "Halloween 12" - A4

    Edible paper "Halloween 12" - A4

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    Edible paper "Halloween 12" - A4

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    Supplied in A4 format - can be cut out

    Wafer Paper is an edible starch-based paper. It tastes neutral and has a slightly ribbed surface. Wafer Paper can be used in many ways. It is suitable for photo cakes (but can only be used on dry surfaces such as almond paste or fondant), edible labels, placemats or menus. Do not use on colored fondant because Wafer Paper is slightly transparent. In addition, Wafer Paper can be baked with bread, rolls or pastries in the last third of baking.

    Ingredients: potato starch, water, olive oil

    Printed with Canon technology and edible colors: Water, humidifiers E1520, E422; dyes E133, E122, E102, E151, E110.

    It can affect the activity and attention of children


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    wafer paper 0,3mm

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