JEM Cutter Easy Rose - 11cm

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      JEM Cutter Easy Rose  - 11cm

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      1. insert hooked 18 gauge wire into a cone 3/4 the length of one petal.
      2. Roll and cut out 2 or 3 layers of petals, place on pad, thin and cup petal.
      3. Thread wire through centre of petals, moisten, wrap first petal tightly around cone. Attach remaining petals in following order: No's 2,3 then No's 4,5.
      4. Cup and shape second layer, moisten attaching petals in following order: A and B, then C, D and E together.
      5. Cup and shape third layer, arrange around rose. Attach calyx allow to dry.

      Size: 11cm

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      JEM Cutter Easy Rose - 11cm

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