Pasta Dama Stella - 5kg
    • Pasta Dama Stella - 5kg

    Pasta Dama Stella - 5kg

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    Pasta Dama Stella - 5 kg - coating and modeling clay with marzipan flavor

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    Pasta Dama Stella has improved marzipan flavor and aroma - compared with traps and traps Dama Dama Top.

    Confectionery coating material modeling and marzipan (almond) flavor and aroma - particularly suitable for modeling flowers and figurines. It has a bright white color, so it is suitable for decorating wedding cakes.

    Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable fat, humectant glycerol, stabilizer xanthan gum, almond aroma.

    Store tightly closed in a dry, 20 ° C

    Packaging: 5 kg


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