Veiner Orchid Petal
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    Veiner Orchid Petal

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    Veiner Orchid Petal

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    Double Veiner set is made by Culpitt who are tried and tested leaders in their field. It is made from high quality, food-safe silicone material.

    This veiner offers a good quality and value for money double sided veiner for Orchid Petals. It gives a great impression onto your sugar flowers and does not stick.

    These Double Petal Veiners measure 8cm
    Instructions for use:
    1. wash the mould in warm, soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly before use.
    2. Lightly grease a non-stick board with white vegetable fat and thinly roll out some SFP or cold porcelain.
    3. Free the paste from the board, using SK cutters, cut out a petal shape and place this onto one half of the veiner. Press down with the other half of the veiner to emboss both sides of the petal with a natural, veined pattern.
    4. Remove the petal from the veiner and soften the edges with a ball tool, if desired.

    Size: 7 x 4.2cm

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