FMM Multi-flower Veiner - 4,7cm
    • FMM Multi-flower Veiner - 4,7cm

    FMM Multi-flower Veiner - 4,7cm

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    FMM Multi-flower Veiner - 4,7cm

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    FMM Multi-flower Veiner - 4,7cm

    Very useful aid in creating flower leaves, just push the veins into the flowers.

    Fits almost all flower cutters.
    Add veining detail and interest to many flowers with this simple double veiner. Can be used in conjunction with a large range of cutters including: Carnation, Jasmine, Daffodil, Daisy, Daphne, Dog Rose, Poor Man's Orchid, Primrose and  atc.
    This veiner can be used with a variety of decorative mediums including Flower Paste (Gum Paste), Sugarpaste(Rolled Fondant ( Chocolate Modelling Paste and Almond Paste).
    Simple Flowers:
    1. Roll out the paste and cut out the required flower shape.
    2. Place the flower onto the textured veiner and position the plain one over the top.
    3. Press firmly before releasing the flower.

    Measurements: approx. 47 mm. round.


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