Pavoni Silicone mold - Choco-Ice 123

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    Pavoni Silicone mold for decoration - Choco-Ice 123

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    Silicone mold for production of numbers and characters. Suitable for use chocolate, ice, mini biscuits, marzipan, fondant and other modeling materials.

    Choco-ice, made from platinum silicone, allows you to create special ice cubes for your long drinks and pralines or little pastries with a professional cake shop look. CHOCO-ICE trays come in different shapes. They take up little space and can be used in the oven, freezer and microwave.


    Fudge and other candy materials: Before you use can spill solamylem. The materials do you put the ball into the molds. Natlačíme matter to the entire area forms a iron or roller leveled. Carefully cut the protruding part plastic or silicone knife (also part of the offer in the e-shop - code 0225, 0839). After completing the turn mold against the mat and take out decoration.

    Chocolate: First, pour one color of chocolate, let it solidify and then pour differently colored chocolate and let it freeze again.

    Size: 2.5 x 3.2 cm

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    Pavoni Silicone mold - Choco-Ice 123

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