Food Colors ISOMALT 250g
    • Food Colors ISOMALT 250g

    Food Colors ISOMALT 250g

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    Food Colors ISOMALT 250g - to the production of sugar caramel

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    Food Colors ISOMALT 250g

    Decorative sugar isomalt in beads to create molded, molded, drawn or blown edible caramel decorations.

    After melting they can be dyed (preferably gel-colored) and flavored with fruit pastes, or they can be dyed with finished spray or powder painting. Once processed the isomalt can be melted again.

    Usage: Unpack the isomalt beads in a pot until all air bubbles disappear without adding water or other ingredients. We cool the dish with dissolved isomalt in a cold bath, adding about 10 ml of water to 1 kg of isomalt, which we can color at this stage. After cooling, we pour the mass onto the modeling silicone pad and we can begin to model it under the lamp. Once completely dissolved pearls can be heated repeatedly. However, if we heat the mass too often, for too long or at temperatures above + 150 ° C, the product will be significantly more brittle. For repeated warm-ups, we recommend adding a few drops of water again.

    Composition: isomalt E953


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