House of Cake Jelly Diamonds -Clear

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    House of Cake Jelly Diamonds -Clear

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    House of Cake - Clear Edible Jelly Diamonds 10mm

    These edible diamonds will add shine and beauty to your cakes and other confectionery products.

    These jelly diamonds measure approximately 5mm in diameter. Suitable for use on all confectionery coatings and royal icing or cream. We recommend using tweezers to handle diamonds.

    Tips and tricks:

    Edible diamonds can be placed in the refrigerator to ensure that they cool thoroughly and that the packaging does not damage them during removal.

         Do not use standard Edible glue.

         If the diamonds are going to be placed on top of the royal glaze, make sure it is completely dry.

         If water remains in the glaze, it could pool around the diamond.

        If you want to highlight the diamond, you can use silver or gold pearl (not non-toxic glitter). Take the diamond out of the case, paint it and put the diamond back.

        If the diamond becomes dull due to icing sugar, for example, rub the diamond with a damp brush and it will shine again.

         There are no special requirements for the cream.

    The package contains 20 pcs of transparent diamonds

    Ingredients: water, humectant (E422), glucose syrup, gelatin (pork), acidity regulator (E330), preservatives (E202). They may also contain traces of milk, nuts, soy and sulphite.

    Diamond size: 10mm


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    House of Cake Jelly Diamonds -Clear

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