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    Darinka - forest fruits jam 1 kg
    • Darinka - forest fruits jam 1 kg

    Darinka - forest fruits jam 1 kg

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    Darinka - forest fruits jam 1 kg

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    Darinka - forest fruits jam 1 kg

    Taste honest cooked fillings distinctive taste and aroma, intended for baking, snacking or deletion.

    DARINKA fillings are made with great care according to traditional recipes, but using modern production technologies. Products come from South foothills, Chelčicko area, often called, garden, southern Bohemia "

    Fruit filling containing extra portion of fruit suitable for direct consumption.

    Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, raspberries - piece of fruit (20%), blueberries - piece of fruit (17%), blackberries - piece of fruit (13%), acid E330, E440 gelling agent, aroma, water

    The weight proportion of fruit in 1 kg less than 500g

    Weight 1kg.


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