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    Edible paper - Animals - 10pcs
    • Edible paper - Animals - 10pcs

    Edible paper - Animals - 10pcs

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    Decoration of edible paper - Animals - 10pcs

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    Decoration of edible paper. Use on confectionery products can also be used in baking eg. Breads. Before placing in the oven moisten the bread dough and place the selected theme of edible paper.

    When working with labels are necessary to ensure that it is not the product surface to which the label is to be applied, too wet. In these cases, it may cause deformation of the label. Likewise, at the opposite method, when-wet labels underneath and subsequently applied to the surface, label nenamáčíme into water (in a vegetable oil, however, can), lightly moisten underneath e.g. sponge.

    Ingredients: potato starch, water, olive oil, colorings: E422, E1520, E151, E122, E133, E102, E110, E104, E330, E124.
    E122, E102, E110, E104 and E124 may adversely ovliňovat activity and attention in children

    Store in a cool, dry place below 25 ° C

    Size:  cca 35 x 35mm