Sandra Velvet  - 1kg
    • Sandra Velvet  - 1kg
    • Sandra Velvet  - 1kg
    • Sandra Velvet  - 1kg

    Sandra Velvet - 1kg

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    Ready Mix - Red Velvet 1 kg

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    Sandra Velvet  - 1kg

    Ready Mix - Red Velvet

    Very popular biscuit Red Velvet and already in your kitchen. The finished mixture no longer need to worry. The finished mixture can be used in the preparation of cakes, muffins, rolls, or other confectionery products. Korupusy of this material are juicy, have a compact and smooth surface.

    Flan: 1000 g mixture Sandra Velvet, 650 g water, 180 g oil.
    Velvet plates: 1000 g mixture Sandra Velvet, 535 g water, 180 g oil, 160 grams of eggs.
    Velvet biscuits: 1000 g mixture Sandra Velvet, 40g of water, 360 g butter 200g chocolate lenses, 100g of sugar.

    All materials immediately and leave about 5 minutes to swell. Then Whip at the slowest speed 1 - 2min to smooth and homogenous.

    Tip: flan or slabs of Sandra VELVET and filled with a special decorate with white cream prepared from curd cheese (mascarpone) or cream.
    Ingredients: Wheat flour, egg powder, raising agent (E450, E500), Cocoa, dye (E120, E172), salt.
    Allergens: wheat,
    It contains 1 kg

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