Macaronmix (22% almond) - 500g
    • Macaronmix (22% almond) - 500g

    Macaronmix (22% almond) - 500g

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    Macaronmix - white mix for Macaroons- 500 g

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    Macaronmix (22% almond) - 500g

    Macaroons are the pinnacle of confectionery art. Their production in the traditional manner is not easy.

    It depends on each ingredient and technological progress. With our complete mixture Macaronmix you produce these popular almond sweets exactly what should be - smooth surface without cracks, crispy on the outside yet soft inside, fluffy, with a pleasant almond flavor.

    Classic macaroons playing colors are stuffed with fillings colored to match macaroons. Macaroons can be used as a fancy decoration of confectionery products, especially cakes and minicakes.

    The mixture can be dyed with food coloring

    Ingredients: sugar, almonds (22%), wheat starch, dried egg white, vegetable oil (rapeseed), emulsifiers (E472b, E477), dried glucose syrup, skimmed milk powder, thickener E415, salt

    Allergens: cereals containing gluten (tj.pšenice, rye, barley, oats, spelled, kamut or their hybridised strains) and products thereof, glucose syrup made from barley starch and cereals used for making distillates or ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin for spirit drinks and other alcoholic beverages, eggs and products from them, may contain traces of soybeans and their products, milk and dairy products (including lactose), dry nuts (tj.mandle, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios ....)


    Macaroons: 500g Macaronmix 100g water - Raw mix lyre in 2nd gear for 5 min. Bags with a smooth tube splashed onto sheet coated with silicone pays about 120 macaroons (approximately 10 g of dough) and let it dry for about 1 hour. Bake for about 25 min. at 140-150 ° C.

    Filling: 100g Macaronmix, 125 g butter, 10 g Compound (flavoring) - Butter room temperature, mix with seasoning blends and paste Compound.

    Completion: makronek we fulfill the cooled filling (4 g) and cover the second macaroons.


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