Nocciolata Ice Crock 200 g
    • Nocciolata Ice Crock 200 g

    Nocciolata Ice Crock 200 g

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    The concentrated flavor of hazelnut cream and crunchy Delicrispem (biscuits)

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    Spreadable cream zmzlinu and other products with křupavám Delicrisp, made from pure butter. Amazing for use in creams, body and in the manufacture of ice cream or just to decorate cakes and ice cream.
    You can freeze even in the freezer to-15'C retains creamy and well spreadable consistency for easy use.
    Ingredients: sugar, vegetable oil, finely crushed biscuits 12% (wheat flour, sugar, dried milk fat, nonfat dry milk, flour from barley malt, salt) hazelnuts, skimmed milk, low fat cocoa powder. Emulsifier? soy lecithin, flavor, antioxidant: rosemary extract.
    May contain traces of other nuts and gluten.
    A dosing.
    IMPORTANT: Before use, always thoroughly mixed
    Weight: 200 grams