Soffin - 10kg
    • Soffin - 10kg
    • Soffin - 10kg
    • Soffin - 10kg

    Soffin - 10kg

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    Soffin - 10kg - mix for the production of fuel beaten

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    Soffin - 10kg

    SoFFin - a mixture of whisked to manufacture materials - rolls, sponge cake, Margherita cake, Swiss rolls, Sacher cake, plum cake, dolce Varese

    Ingredients: wheat starch, glucose syrup, raising agents E450, E500, emulsifier E471, milk proteins, emulsifiers: E472a, E472b, flavoring, coloring - betacarotene

    Allergens - the product may contain traces of egg, soy and nuts.

    Sponge Cake: Soffin 600g flour 600g sugar 800 g, 1000 g eggs, 400 g water.

    Procedure: Method: Beat all ingredients together in a blender for 8 -10min. Place in greased and floured mold and bake at 180 ° C - 200 DEG (cooking time is approximate, judging on their own knowledge of the oven).

    Caution: Too cold water reduces the ability to increase the volume (fluffiness)

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