KARINA - strawberry - 500 g
    • KARINA - strawberry - 500 g
    • KARINA - strawberry - 500 g
    • KARINA - strawberry - 500 g

    KARINA - strawberry - 500 g

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    Karina strawberry - mix for the production of a cream or buttercream

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    KARINA - Strawberry - 500g

    KARINA Strawberry is a raw material for the production of whipped cream or butter cream with strawberry flavor

    KARINY is a mixture that gives confectionery creams excellent stability while maintaining their suppleness. They are used in combination with whipped cream, butter or margarine. Creams prepared from vegetable whipped cream do not dry out.

    KARINY is also suitable for use with herbal creams in combination with dried gelatin. This not only gives the creams fullness in taste, but also ensures their smoothness and easier slicing of products. The cut is clean, smooth and the creams do not stick to the knives.

    KARINY in variation with butter or fat which you use for fat creams. They add the taste and color characteristic of the type of KARINA used by you.

     Allergens: soy flour, dried whey

    May contain traces of: cereals containing gluten, eggs and products thereof, groundnuts (peanuts) and products thereof, soya beans and products thereof, nuts, sesame seeds and products thereof, lupines and products thereof him

    For use, see picture.

    Ingredients: sugar, vegetable oil, glucose syrup, modified potato starch (E1414), dried whey, aroma, vegetable fat, acid E330, emulsifier E472a, colorant E101, E120

    Weight: 500g

    Using see. image.

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