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    KARINA - Caramel Cream - 500 g
    • KARINA - Caramel Cream - 500 g
    • KARINA - Caramel Cream - 500 g
    • KARINA - Caramel Cream - 500 g

    KARINA - Caramel Cream - 500 g

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    Karina Caramel Cream - mix for the production of a cream or buttercream

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    KARINA - Caramel Cream - 500 g

    KARINA are mixtures that supply confectionery creams excellent stability while retaining their suppleness.

    Used in combination with cream, butter or margarine. Creams made from vegetable whipped cream fail not.

    Karina are also suitable for use in vegetable creams in combination with dried gelatin. It adds fullness creams not only in taste, but also ensures their smoothness and easier slicing products. The cut is clean, smooth and creams do not stick to the knife.

    Karina in a variation with butter or grease that is running on fat creams. Add flavor and color characteristic of the type you used Karina.
    May contain traces of cereals containing gluten, eggs and products from them, groundnuts (peanuts) and products thereof, Soybeans and products thereof, tree nuts, sesame seeds and products made from them, lupine (lupine) and products him

    Application: Karina Caramel 500 g + 425 g water

    Karina connect Caramel mix with water and mix until smooth and homogeneous consistency. Before further processing, leave for about 15 minutes. mature and then stir again. Mix the butter vyšlehaným 150 grams.

    Weight: 500g

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